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Nello Moruzzi - Moruzzi Numismatica

Moruzzi numismatica was born of the passion and professional experience of my father, Nello, a noted Italian numismatist of the 60s. For many years he collaborated with Federico Bartoli and contributed to the success of his firm A & B Numismatica.  Apart from his high values, generosity and honesty, Nello transmitted to us his passion for numismatics together with his great cultural and professional resources.
In May 1980 Nello entrusted us with the firm, but continued to consult and spur it on to splendid firm ever more professional and important.
Nello died in 1996, but his memory and advise still live on and inspire our activity.
Today our activity is principally involved with ancient and modern numismatics both in the national and international markets; our best coins are acquired not only in the national market, but mostly from the European and world markets; the most important auctions worldwide.

Moruzzi Numismatica, the numismatic in Rome
Old shop of Moruzzi Numismatica in Rome

The coins we offer for sale are carefully examined for authentication, grading and valuation.
Moruzzi Numismatica also has a tradition of providing banknotes for collection, not withstand a reluctance by professional numismatists in the past to trade in paper money.
We are also philatelists specialised in the Italian area. Our friendly staff is small but very qualified, composed of myself, Loredana Moruzzi and Francesca Barenghi, , and my brother Umberto Muruzzi.
We are a particularly well qualified and harmonious team that caters to the various specialisations in our thrilling business.

Current shop of Moruzzi Numismatica in Rome

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