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Quentin Matsys, Suppliant Peasants In The Office Of Two Tax Collectors

How to sell your collection of ancient or modern coins, banknotes or other collectables

Whatever the motive, one may decide to sell one coins so it would be better to reflect and inform oneself on the value. This is necessary since market values may have drastically changed, either up or down, since the period it was assembled. Even when it is only a few coins left by a parent, found in an attic or an inherited collection, it is better to get qualified information in an unfamiliar field. Even for the actual coin purchaser of the coins for  collection or investment the more market information that can be acquired before reselling the better. There are various ways to sell, but before selling it is very important that any coins, banknotes or stamps are not cleaned as this will seriously depreciate the value of the items.

  • You may want to give your coins to your family or friend, but before you do it is advisable to acquaint yourself with the actual value. To obtain a proper valuation it is not enough to ask someone with only superficial knowledge, it is necessary to find a qualified numismatic expert.

  • You may try to do-it-yourself and place the coins on eBay, which implies making a quality digital image, writing a proper description and paying about 10% commission of the sale realisation price on a site that does not have a good reputation amongst collectors.

  • You may consider consigning your goods to an auction house for public sale. This is valid only if it is a valuable or specialised collection difficult to estimate. Even in this case it must be kept in mind that the commission rate is of about 30-35% of the realised price, together with a waiting time of no less than three to six months.

  • You may also contact serious numismatic firm which will pay an honest price with immediate payment.

Marinus Van Reymerswaele, The Tax Collectors  - Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen

Sell to Moruzzi Numismatica, a well established firm in the Italian coin market for over 30 years with a highly qualified staff, specialised in ancient Greek and Roman coins, Italian coins, the coinage of Savoy, the Republic of Italy, paper Italian money. Our profound experience in these specific areas and collecting in general is a guarantee of reliability for the general public that may want to sell their goods. Moruzzi Numismatica offers competence, reliability, immediate payment and total satisfaction with its dealings.

Offer us your treasures, the staff of Moruzzi Numismatica is waiting for you ! Contact us!

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