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Our Ebay store

Moruzzi Numismatica Roma ebay store

Visit our Ebay shop MURUZZI NUMISMATICA ROMA where you will find on offer coins and banknotes in auction or in 'buy immediately' with estimates starting at $ 1.

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Moruzzi Numismatica Roma ebay store

Do you have something for sale ? Contact our qualified staff specialised in various sectors of collecting:

  • Numismatica Ancient Greek and Roman numismaticsantica greca e romana

  • MonetazioneItalian coinage of the Savoy and Republican periods italiana dal periodo Savoia alla Repubblica

  • CartamonetaItalian paper money italiana

Knowledge of the material and the world of collecting is a guarantee for selling one's goods.
Moruzzi Numismatica offers competence, reliability, immediate payment and contractual satisfaction. Contact usi!

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