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Roman coins

Visit our section of Roman coins; you will find a vast assorted selection at the right prices. Ancient coins are accompanied by accurate certification according to the prevailing regulations. Collecting Roman coins is a pleasure that should not be denied, as well as extending ones knowledge of an incredibly marvellous world.

Greek coins

See our section of ancient Greek coins; you will find carefully selected high quality pieces with exceptional pedigrees, listed by geographical regions. These coins are all accompanied by accurate certification according to the prevailing regulations. Greek art lives on in every single coin. Seize this opportunity to experience these marvellous and emotive artefacts of the past.

History of the Popes through coins

An important and wide selection of papal coins from the Papal States is available on our e-shop at net prices. Register immediately to buy them. The papal coins represent the multiple aspects of the Eternal City: the sacredness, the monuments, the arts, the happenings and the ever unchanging traditions of Rome.

Passion for the Euro

The Euro, the new european coin, has succeeded in attracting a great number of new coin collectors. A new market, rich in new issues, which promises rewards for the future. The abundance of choice in this section includes issues of the Vatican City.

A Recollection of the old Italian Liras

In 2002 the lira was replaced by a brand new coin but surprisingly that old denomination has now become a cult object. Those irritating little coins that accumulated in ones pocket have now become relics of our recent past. Here you will find the coins to complete your 'operatione nostalgia'…

Victor Emanuel III

The most beautiful modern coins, issued during the reign of Victor Emmanuel III who was also an eminent numismatist, can be found in our shop with accurate grading and unbeatable prices. If you have not already started collecting this coinage, check out the site and see what Moruzzi Numismatica has to offer.

Italian bank notes

In general, banknotes are perceived as money. However, the italian paper money is more than just this; the collection of these notes, featuring some of the finest graphics in the world, is a witness to the development of art over the last two centuries. Often these beautiful notes recount even our own private history…


By registering with our shop, you will be able to purchase chosen items directly. Methods of payment are as follows: bank transfer, cheque, credit card (PayPal), cash at our premises.

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