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Moruzzi Numismatica, partners and collaborators are registered to the most relieable associations worldwide.

NIP, the Italian Professional Numismatists aims to promote the numismatic market according to the highest ethical and commercial standards; to encourage diffusion of numismatics and the scientific study of coins. Primary objective is to prevent the spread of false coins and to represent the trade with regard to the heritage laws of the Italian State.

Associazione numismatica tedesca Berufsverband des Deutschen Münzenfachhandels e.V

La Berufsverband des Deutschen Münzenfachhandels e.V. è un'importante associazione professionale tedesca di numismatici di cui la Moruzzi numismatica fa parte dal 2012. Gli iscrittii che espongono questo logo di appartenenza, si impegnano a garantire l'autenticità di tutte le monete, medaglie e banconote in vendita ed a mantenere un corretto atteggiamento commerciale. Sono attivamente inpegnati contro la falsificazione e la combattono anche attraverso uma rapida informazione.

FENAP, The Federation of European Professional Numismatic Associations, coordinates the European professional associations and represents them at European Union level.

FINA, the Federation of Italian Merchants in Art, is a prestigious professional association with a strict code of conduct. This association upholds high ethical standards and its members issue detailed certificates of authenticity for objects presented to them.

The SOCIETA' NUMISMATICA ITALIANA is a very old and eminent cultural association founded in 1892. Its members have included some of the most illustrious numismatists, including S. Ambrosoli, the Gnecchi brothers, Count Papadopoli, Prof. A. Salinas, G. Sambon, C. Luppi etc.

NIA, Association of Italian Numismatists, is an Italian association of professional numismatists, collectors, experts and students who have a common purpose to promote numismatics in all its aspects.

CINOA, Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d'Art, is a non-profit making association established 70 years ago. CINOA has 32 art and antiquarian association members in 22 countries. Through these associations CINOA represents more that 5000 retailers worldwide with a vast gamma of specialities. Membership of CINOA implies the maintenance of high standards of quality and competence.

AFIP, the Association of Professional Italian Numismatists, which encompasses the majority of professional Italian stamp dealers with a strict code of conduct, protects collectors from malpractice.

IFISDA, the International Federation of Stamp Dealers Association, an association of philatelists which coordinates national associations of stamp dealers.

RNS, Royal Numismatic Society, is Britain's foremost society for numismatics, the study of coins, medals and related currency items.  Founded in 1836 as the Numismatic Society of London, today's Society is international in subject and membership. Its lectures and publications deal with Classical, Asian, Medieval and Modern coins, paper money, tokens and medals, and Fellows include scholars and enthusiasts from around the world.

Confesercenti, Confederazione degli esercenti attivi, is an Italian retailers association founded in 1971 which today represents 352,666 businesses and over 1,000,000 people. Its mission to represent, protect and support the growth and innovation of small to medium sized businesses through a widespread network of specialised branches: 70 national, 120 provincial, 20 regional and 1000 municipal, with a qualified staff of 5000.

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