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What's a feed RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a web feed format used to publish frequently updated text files which contain the latest information placed on a website (as a title, a brief description or a link to accede other recourses) or even extended recourses in a standardised format. A RSS web feed is not only a useful tool as a web reader for users, but an alternative method to disperse information. RSS feed is normally used to receive information on a website instantly. This service will allow you to monitor timely updates on the Moruzzi Numismatica website. These updates will usually inform on new issues of coins, medals, banknotes or particularly important numismatic events.

How to read RSS feed ?

Feedreader is an application that reads and downloads Internet newsfeeds aka RSS to your computer.
Selected programs can be found on our download area.
Once installed and downloaded it only needs a click on the icon to access the service.

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