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Quality certification MORUZZI


Our coins have an added value due to several features included on the coin tickets which have the double function of description and guarantee of authenticity. The price indicated corresponds to the grade of preservation, grade of rarity and other variables of the coin.

The Moruzzi Numismatica coin ticket is now well known and particularly appreciated by the numismatic collecting world. In spite of its small size [4.5 cm square] it contains a great deal of information of the accompanying coin.
The description indicates the country or region, issuing authority, historical period, coin type, mint and date when indicated.
In many cases in addition to this information and particularly for ancient and medieval coins there is a brief description and the legends of the obverse and reverse to facilitate identification of the piece.
There are also some salient aspects often omitted on other coins tickets: up to three relevant catalogue citations and respective grades rarity.
The indication of a provenance of public auctions or published coin collections adds to their value. A pedigree increases the fascination of a coin as well as the economic value. The information given on our tickets has the result of transparency; clients are aware of the price paid for the items retailed by Moruzzi Numismatica; a modest markup applied to easily verifiable auction purchases.
The alphanumeric code, present on all the coin tickets, identifies the sold goods and allows subsequent verification of provenance, a further guarantee for the buyer.
The indication of the metal and above all the weight (to the hundredth of a gram) are valuable elements in identifying a coin. The rarity grade is based on a scale of one to five Rs, an important aspect in numismatics. An accurate grade of preservation and a sense of security that Moruzzi Numismatica wants to give to its clients. The grade of preservation is directly related to the price of the item, also clearly written, certainly aiding a quicker decision for an acquisition.
According to article 64 of the Legislative Decree of 22 January 2004, n. 42 'Code of cultural goods and the landscape' our ticket is also a guarantee of assured authenticity as well as  a guarantee of what is stated. It is important to remember that a guarantee of authenticity for coins sold by Moruzzi Numismatica will be without time limit.
This guarantee not only covers authenticity but even the correct identification, description and grade of preservation of all goods.

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