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Legal observations

Privacy Policy della Moruzzi Numismatica

© Copyright Moruzzi Numismatica 1999/2016

On this page I am anxious to explain why the site is protected by copyright with the need and obligation to acquire authorisation to copy public material. The perceptions of an individual are unique  and the logical product of his or hers personal ideas.  Although a great deal of intellectual comment is placed freely on the internet it should not be forgotten that there are moral and legal obligations with respect to the plagiarising of text without the consent of the author.
This principal is based on article 35 of the Italian Constitution which protects work of any kind and article 2060 of the Civil Code which similarly protects works of any kind, including intellectual.
Creating, writing or photographing is work which naturally invokes a sense of property.
The law protects intellectual property and only its creator has the right to benefit from it to his or her moral satisfaction.
All rights on this website are reserved. No part of the text or graphics may be reproduced or altered by any means, electronic or mechanical; nor can any text of graphics be copied to an archive or information system without written permission from Moruzzi Numismatica.
Any single document published by Moruzzi Numismatica on their website may contain further copyright notices relevant to that document. Nothing contained there can be interpreted as conferring, even alluding, to any licence or right relating to a patent or name or brand of any copyright belonging to Moruzzi Numismatica or eventual third parties.

Please read carefully before use. The use of this site implies the acceptance of the conditions by the user. Anyone who intends not to accept these conditions should not use this site.

The site is the property of and managed by Moruzzi Numismatica. No material, on this site or any other site it poses, operates, given licence to or controlled by Moruzzi Numismatica, can be republished, downloaded, sent, transferred or distributed in any way or form. The sole possible exception is that of downloading a copy of the material on a single computer for non commercial personal use, on the conditions that all copyright and property rights are respected.
Any modification of the material or use there of for any other reason constitutes a violation of Moruzzi Numismatica and other copyrights. As part of this contract it is prohibited to use, even partially, the above mentioned material on any website without written authorisation from Moruzzi Numismatica.

Every reader of any document published by Moruzzi Numismatica which communicating transmits information, asks, answers, comments, suggests or other relating to the contents of any document on the site, authorises Moruzzi Numismatica to treat the information above described as non confidential without obligation and free to reproduce, use, reveal or distribute to third parties without any obstacle. Moreover, Moruzzi Numismatica will be free to use any idea, concept or technique submitted for any ends.

With respect to law 675/96 it is the right of any reader at any time to freely consult, modify, integrate, cancel part of all the personal data submitted by writing to Moruzzi Numismatica, viale Salesiani, 12a 000175 Roma.

This agreement is valid until the moment it is cancelled. It may be cancelled at any time, cancelling all the material obtained from or any documentation relative to any site of Moruzzi Numismatica. Moruzzi Numismatica can terminate this agreement, at its own discretion, without the need to inform if any of the clauses have not been complied with. In this case all material and copies of material obtained from the site of Moruzzi Numismatica must be cancelled as stipulated by the agreement.

In the preparation of this site care has been taken to accurately offer the latest information as clearly as possible. However it is possible that there are involuntary errors. The information here contained is to be taken as a guideline on the matters dealt with and Moruzzi Numismatica cannot be held responsible for any mistakes or inaccuracies related to the information given.
Some links on this site are connected to third party sites of which Moruzzi Numismatica has no control. Accordingly Moruzzi Numismatica gives no assurance or guarantee of content on the sites or servers.
Public information is periodically updated and Moruzzi Numismatica reserves the right to modify its documents without forewarning. The material on this site is provided as seen without guarantee of any type. Moruzzi Numismatica is expressly exempt from the responsibility of the server which operates this site, even if they are infected by a virus or other dangerous files.

Under no circumstances will Moruzzi Numismatica be responsible for direct or indirect damage caused by the use or disuse of the material on this site, even if Moruzzi Numismatica or its representative have been informed of the possibility of these dangers.
The limit of responsibility provided here is only within the limits foreseen by the law and will not be valid in the case of litigation with irremissible ordinances expressly set by the law applicable.
Under no circumstances is Moruzzi Numismatica responsible for damage, loss or any other case with regard to third parties, separate to any contractual or extra-contractual action taken, to grant the fee paid to enter this site.

This agreement is regulated of the laws of the Republic of Italy. The competent legal forum is that of Rome.  Should it be judged for any reason that a clause or part of a clause of this contract be not valid, the other clauses or parts there of shall remain valid in order to permit the broadest application according to the intent of the parties.

Having read the agreement and the preceding conditions, they are unconditionally accepted by accessing the Site and BIND the user to scrupulous observance.

The perceived ideas of an individual are unique and a logical product of different and personal  impressions. Although a great deal of intellectual comment is placed freely on the internet, it should not be forgotten that there are moral and legal obligations with respect to the plagiarising of text without the consent of the author. Copyright Moruzzi Numismatica © 1999-2016

© Copyright Moruzzi Numismatica 1999/2016 - All rights reserved P.IVA IT 01614081006
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