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By telephone

  • Consult and read the FAQ, to find the answers you are looking for

  • Before calling, check our opening times.

  • If you have items to offer us, let us know your price so as to speed up the transaction; check on our to see what we are looking for.

  • It is not technically possible to value items over the telephone nor verify their originality but if you don't have a clear idea and you would like to ask some information on your coins or notes, please feel free to give us a call with the item in hand.

  • The indications we give you over the telephone are only indicative; if you would like further information, you must come and see us in person.  Check where we are.

  • If you want to know the value of some coins, try and see if you will find them in our shop.

  • If you think we will not be able to answer your question immediately, write us an email or send a fax to +39 06 7154 5937.

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