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The staff


A staff of qualified professionals in the field of numismatics is at your service to take you through the coins, on the paths of history.

The Moruzzi quality, product of our professional resources with years of international experience, enables us to guarantee the genuineness and quality of the proposed specimens, accompanied by a full certification. All other services are offered taking care of every detail.

The strength of our qualified staff is on the sharing of the common passion for numismatics, which makes us work as a team with mutual respect and trust. Proof of this is the almost forty years of activity, which has allowed us to expand our services gaining new market shares.
Loredana Moruzzi amministratore e responsabile delle vendite
Loredana Moruzzi
CEO / Showroom Manager
Umberto Moruzzi perito numismatico
Umberto Moruzzi
Senior Numismatist (Head of Numismatic Department)
Francesca Barenghi esperto di numismatica romana repubblicana ed imperiale
Francesca Barenghi
Numismatist (Roman Coins Department)
Nicola Mecci vendite online
Nicola Mecci
Web Sales and Marketing
Emanuela Pittola amministrazione
Emanuela Pittola
Daniela Franchi amministrazione
Daniela Franchi
Hiroko Blue Lynx gatto norvegese assistente alle vendite
Hiroko Blue Lynx
Sales assistant

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