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Appraisals of banknotes


Umberto Moruzzi, an accredited expert to the Chamber of Commerce and the Tribunal of Rome, appraises Italian and world banknotes in Rome. Cataloguing is also undertaken. All these services listed below, include complete registration of all the material submitted for examination so that a future verification can be made of the certification. To this end high definition images are kept on file. It is therefore possible for any banknote appraised and certified by Umberto Moruzzi to be accurately verified.

Services are indicated with their respective fees.

The fees include VAT

The appraisal of State and Bank notes of Italy with a value up to € 1,000.

€ 15,00

The appraisal of Italian paper money with a value over € 1,000.

€ 24,00

Technical numismatic consultancy on coins, medals and paper money.

Fees according to the value and the complexity of the request.

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