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Moruzzi Numismatica published or gave his reliable effort to the publication of these works:

Coins and medals, Rome 1988
It was the first catalogue presented by Moruzzi Numismatics, appreciated for the care with which it was realized and for the selection of the proposed coins. The catalogue proposed for sale Greek, Roman, Italian (both medieval and modern) and papal coins, etc...

A collection of Antoniniaus. General sale of coins and medals, Rome 1990.
The catalogue offered a rich collection of 1.000 different Antoniniaus. An interesting historical introduction precedes the coins cataloguing. Even today this publication is investigated by scholars.

Coins, medals and notes. Public auction, Rome February the 28th 1992.
The catalogue for sale auction of Moruzzi Art of Rome, with ancient and modern coins, had a great success with sales and audience.

Video catalogue of the public auction on  February the 28th 1992.
The video catalogue for sale auction of Moruzzi Art of Rome with ancient and modern coins. The tape with classical background music was really unique at the time and it allowed to see on video enlarged images of the coins proposed for sale.

Banknotes of the world, Rome 1994.
Sale list of world banknotes. The notes of 90s were "discovered" by a large number of Italian collectors.

Excellence, Rome 1995.
This is a catalogue of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Italian and international coins specially selected. For many years the ancient coins of quality were proposed outside the borders of the country. The Moruzzi Numismatics wanted to offer a group of carefully selected exemplars. At the centre of the catalogue was printed a double page with colour images of the best exemplars presented.

Argent, The banknotes of Italy, Rome 1995.
The demand for Italian banknotes was particularly high and the Moruzzi Numismatics, attentive to the collectors demand, proposed a collection of high level notes, considering their quality and rarity.

Jvlia, Rome 1997.
The catalogue inaugurated a series of publications, which reported the names of the oldest Roman gentes. The first name chosen was gens Julia: this family generated known characters who marked the history of Rome since its origins. The catalogue had international standards and it  proposed ancient, modern, Italian and foreign coins of high quality.

Claudia, Rome 1998.
The sale catalogue at net prices continued the series of publications, inaugurated with Jvlia, which offered not only ancient coins, including some of rare beauty and preservation, but also coins collections of Italian and papal mints and of the Kingdom of Italy.

Farewell to the Lira. Three centuries of Italian history through notes, Rome 2002.
With this catalogue, we gave a nostalgic farewell to the old lira, a merely formal farewell to its circulation as currency, as this coin remains in the history of all Italians, in the collective and individual memory. There were beautiful pictures and some nice notes.

A collection of Medals - Summer 2006, Rome.
The catalogue presented a nice selection of medals: most of them were papal ones, but there were also rare exemplars and some interesting notes. There were, however, also rare medals with big diameter realized by the engraver Romagnoli.

A collection of Medals - Autumn 2006, Rome.
The catalogue presented a nice selection of medals: most of them were papal ones. The catalogue proposed also an important collection of medals of the Sede Vacante period, in which there were exemplars of great rarity. Among other medals, was also present the Italian gold one to commemorate the two thousandth anniversary of the death of the Latin poet Virgil, the only known exemplar.

FLAVIA 2007, Rome 2007
A beautiful small catalogue that had a great success thanks to the carefully selected coins, divided by themes: the roman coin in Augustae portraits, a selection of medium imperial bronzes, the Gallic empire and its coinage, a selection of imperial denarius, the silver coins of the Republican Rome, coins of the empire and of the the Roman provinces.

CLAVDIA 2008, Rome 2008.
This is a catalogue of the Moruzzi's tradition, which had a great success of public: for this reason, it was largely requested all over the world, just only for the pleasure of reading it. In this catalogue were presented two important collections: a splendid collection of the Emperor Nero coinages and a bronze coins collection of the Greek world of great interest.

This is the catalogue of a travelling exhibition that already took place in Rome, Florence, Vicenza and Perugia, the first of this kind organized in Italy. It allows to go over the evolution of the counterfeiting phenomenon, through a real time travel. In addition to an extensive fund of old coins of the ancient era and to medieval and modern exemplars - made available thanks to the most important Italian museums - the catalogue offers also notes of the Bank of Italy and more, banknotes that marked the history of our country from the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy until nowadays. The Moruzzi Numismatics is honoured to have made available an important material for this exhibition and for the realization of this catalogue.

IL VERO e IL FALSO, La Guardia di Finanza in Lombardia, Milano 2013 - Catalogo della mostra itinerante curata da Umberto Moruzzi in collaborazione con la GDF
IL VERO e IL FALSO, La Guardia di Finanza in Lombardia, Milano 2013.
“Gli uomini spesso producono denaro falso, ma molto più spesso il denaro produce uomini falsi” (J. Harris) La manifestazione itinerante “Il Vero e il Falso”, organizzata con l’intento di ripercorrere la storia del falso monetale, dopo oltre quattro anni giunge a termine, con l’esposizione di Milano a Palazzo Reale.
Anche in questa occasione la moneta è al centro del percorso, come oggetto più falsificato di sempre. Interessantissimi pezzi monetari classici, medievali, moderni e contemporanei sono esposti accanto ai loro falsi, quasi perfetti tanto sono ben imitati.

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