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2550 billions of lire are still in circulation. Nostalgia effect, but also illegal funds - Money can be changed until February the 29th 2012. Il Messaggero  -  July the 14th 2010  Rome

... Umberto Moruzzi, paper money expert and owner of one of the most prosperous numismatics shops in Italy (in Rome, in a suggestive area adjacent to Cinecittà), tells that there is a "widespread and growing interest, often amateur, in collecting old lire coins, especially of the republican era". So it's a real "lira-mania".  This explains the nostalgia for a currency that will never come back, joined to the special property of banknotes and coins to evoke small and big moments of our biography. So they are real proustian madeleines, which also evoke the good times, when with those coins - that today are worth only few cents of euro - we could buy something. ROBERTO FABEN

Below you will find the translations of some articles brought out the Italian newspapers.

The largest sky of the world above the tower blocks of Cinecittà. La Repubblica - February the 27th 2002 Page 7, section: ROME

.......Arriving at Salesians boulevard, I raise again my eyes, next to blankets and dressing gowns: it seems to see in the clear blue sky just the severe cordon of the catholic benefactor... Under the arcades of the square, in front of the windows of a numismatic shop, I stop finally to read the names of the displayed coins and here they are the heroes, the mighty: Constantine II, Trebonianus Gallus, Giulia, Maximian, Posthumus, Constantius, Antiochus VIII, Commodus, Constantine I, Aurelian, Vespasian, Maxentius, Maximian Galerius, Gens Pomponia. I also see the one hundred lire that until the other day seemed stainless. I imagine a subterranean Rome, the same that spat out from its excavations those bronze or silver coins ruined by time.  If there is a store like that, I think we can imagine a happy collector, who caress sometimes coins with his eyes: we can say that there is life in Cinecittà, or better: there is life on Earth. - FULVIO ABBATE

Rarities and intact notes deserve an appraisal. Il Sole 24 Ore - September the 21st 2009 News, Economics and Labour

«With the retirement of the old lira, appeared an army of new collectors who, as well as collecting a large part of the republican era coins, turned also their interest to the Kingdom of Italy issues of Victor Emmanuel III's reign". Umberto Moruzzi explains in this way the "lira-trend": besides being a numismatic expert for proxies, courts and for the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, he is also the owner, with her sister Loredana, of the "Moruzzi Numismatics" shop located in Cinecittà, an area of the capital. "Lira notes and coins can be an investment - continues the expert - even if they are the latest notes, with market prices relatively accessible which will rise over time. From 2002 to 2007 the quotations multiplied, because of the high demand". So, if we have lire coins of the last series still convertible, what shall we do? Change them or request an expert evaluation? "If it's a fine print coin or a piece with characteristics of rarity, we should inform about their market value - Moruzzi recommends -, considering that the complete collection of the last issue in circulation before the euro, if it does not include rarities, is around 450 euro, compared to a nominal value of 345 euro". If you have at home some old lire banknotes, you can evaluate it in a numismatic shop. The advice should be free, but to know its quotation it's better to contact more than one shop. "In Italy there are about 350 shops - Moruzzi notes - but only the members of the Nip association (Italian Numismatic professionals) offer more guarantees for the sale". If we want to expand the discussion to notes issued from the Unification of Italy to nowadays, the rarest is the note of 1.000 lire of the National Bank of the Kingdom of Italy (1872-73), quoted about 50 thousand euro. Among the most recent coins, however, we report the "Barbetti" note of 500 lire with the "Medusa" mark of November the 14th 1950: in good condition, it is worth about 20 thousand euro. - ROBERTO FABEN

The doors of Janus temple - Meaning of coins - Network of Numismatics and History - November the 26th 2008

Looking for texts on the origin of the legend meaning CLAVSO IANI TEMPLO GAVDIVM SECVLI Translation: Joy of the century because of the closing of the Janus temple http://numismatica-i.../moneta/W-F5C/8 in order to try to carry on the work of the catalogue Kingdom of Sicily, I found a nice work by Francesca Barenghi, collaborator of Moruzzi. I report this work in its entirety, in my opinion very useful for the purpose explained.

Ben Hur prize - Cinecittà 2006 Council of Rome,  X municipality, July the 21st 2006

During a wonderful party, on July the 21st 2006, some prizes were delivered to small business roman tradesmen, who distinguished themselves for their "longevity" in this municipality.
Among these, the Ben Hur prize, made by the master Adriano de Angelis, was also assigned to the Moruzzi Numismatics, a company with 26 years of activity and one of the oldest in Rome in this field. The Moruzzi Numismatics merit was the undisputed professionalism that allowed it to be also today on the market, attracting in Rome over the years a multitude of tourist-collectors.

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